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Film of the week: Gay coming-of-age Irish drama Dating Amber is straight up hilarious

Believe it or not, same-sex relationships were only decriminalised here in 1993. Not everyone was happy about that shunt towards enlightenment, but Máire Geoghegan-Quinn’s reform was only half the battle: virulent prejudice remained and it would take decades before Irish gay people finally began to feel accepted in their own country.

ost films about gay experience tend to focus on the suffering, the misery, the painful struggle for self-fulfilment, but David Freyne’s new coming-of-age saga approaches the subject through humour.

Freyne recently explained how it took years to find backers for his story because it was considered “too funny for a gay film”. This spectacularly moronic viewpoint was eventually surmounted, and thank God too because Dating Amber is one of the most touching and hilarious Irish films I’ve seen, richly deserving a wide cinema release, which it is now sadly being denied. The least you can do, folks, is check it out on Amazon.

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