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Get More Work Done With These WFH Tips From TikTok

We’re nearing the end of 2020 and a lot of us are still working from home. If you haven’t yet mastered the of working from your kitchen table, TikTok has some tips to increase your productivity!

Here’s what TikTok had to say:


Increase your productivity by developing daily rituals:

An example schedule to plan your day


Or creating a power list:

A man holding up a notebook


Don’t forget to schedule in breaks to give your brain some downtime. It’s scientifically proven to help:

A scan of a brain


And try out these stretches on your break:

A woman doing a stretch at her desk


If you haven’t thought about a standing desk yet, this is your sign to go get one (or make one!):

A woman at a standing desk


Once you’ve got a standing desk, give things an upgrade with this exercise bike seat:

A woman using an exercise bike at her desk


Or get comfy with this seat cushion instead of buying an uber expensive office chair:

A seat cushion on an office chair


Brighten up your office space with this organizational tip:

An organized drawer with colorful pens


And use these design tips to hide all that office equipment:

A shredder hidden in a basket


Find yourself snacking too much at home? Try out these tips to curb your snacking habits:

A woman pointing to on screen text that says


If you find yourself getting distracted often, consider time blocking:

A man in front of on screen text that says


Or if you’re looking at your phone too much, try this trick:

A post it note that says


And here’s some Zoom etiquette reminders:

A woman pretending to take up the entire Zoom screen with her body


But if you’re completely over all of the Zoom calls, try this out:

A man sleeping while on a Zoom call


If anyone asks, we were not the ones to tell you about this tip:

A woman pouring wine into a coffee cup

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