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Have You Found A Way To Deal With Money Management Anxiety? Tell Us All About Your Strategy

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Because dealing with money can be super stressful.

Managing money can be very stressful, especially when you’re starting from scratch or trying to improve your financial situation. But sometimes, it’s easy to become mentally bogged down by all the planning, spending, and tracking.

Ignoring your financial anxiety won’t make it go away (and if you aren’t careful, you can actually fall into unhealthy financial habits as a result). So if you’ve found a way to deal with your anxiety when it comes to money management, tell us what works for you!

Maybe finally deciding to work with a financial planner after years of trying to go it alone helped ease your fears — and you learned some tips that worked for *your* unique situation.

Or perhaps you realized that building an emergency fund actually helped soothe any stress around being unprepared for unexpected events.

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Especially since emergency funds are meant to be money that you save for surprise expenses (like an emergency medical bill or a home repair that needs to be fixed ASAP).

Orrr, maybe you found comfort in picking just one day a week when you take simple steps to stay on top of your money — like just taking a look at your checking account, or paying one bill.

Share your tips for dealing with money management anxiety. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

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