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I Watched “The Kissing Booth” For The First Time And Here Are All My Thoughts

1. Aww, childhood best friends is such a special bond. And their moms were besties too. Adorable.

2. Wait, is Elle sitting outside in her underwear??

3. Oh JK, it’s a swimsuit.

4. This girl has kept this secret too damn long. There’s truly no way to let it out now without it being dramatic. Which I guess is the whole point of the movie.

5. IDK what they did to Jacob Elordi’s hair, but it low-key does look like he and Lee could be brothers.

6. Wait, Lee drives THAT to school? How is he not cooler??

7. OK…Elle really couldn’t feel her bare butt peeping out? Like, girl, I know you felt a breeze.

8. LMAO: “You never want to hear your crush say it’s ‘super gross’ in your pants.”

9. Ah yes, the classic mean-girl-trio slo-motion walk. A staple of any teen film.

10. Why do the main characters in these movies always fall for it when the mean girls say something nice? Like, don’t you think it’s weird that she’s just suddenly nice to you?

11. I’m very into Jacob Elordi playing this protective older brother role.

12. Oooh, look at Noah getting all jealous at Elle sending flirty notes to this boy in class.

13. Mmm, yeah, not sure how I feel about Elle agreeing to go on a date with the boy who groped her…

14. Aw, but her little first date outfit is cute.

15. “If he can’t see how baller you are…” AWW, LEE!! Such a freaking cutie.

16. “Running a bit late now, aren’t we?” LMAO, is Elle 83???

17. PLOT TWIST: Noah likes Elle too. Nice. I love star-crossed lovers.

18. Dang, Elle really does look like a little kid in her soccer outfit with Noah in his motorcycle fit. The contrast is…STARK.

19. *Elle rejects Noah and runs away.* Oh, so she’s not like other girls, huh?

20. Why does Lee even like Mia? So far, she’s shown zero personality.

21. LOL, Elle is all of us when we promise something we can’t deliver on. The rocking, the stumbling, the unintelligible mumbling.

22. The way Jacob Elordi talks is what makes him hot, I think… And his body. And his bike.

23. Man, how do these teens in movies always know a kid with a mansion? Every high school party I went to was in someone’s dad’s basement.

24. Lord, I’m concerned about how many little, green shots that Elle is throwing back right now.

25. Oh god, her drunken strip tease is giving me secondhand embarrassment. Someone stop her!! HELP HER.

26. Oh, thanks, Noah. Good save. Dramatic, but effective.

27. Oh my god, she just asked if she snored because she thought he slept there with her. “Elle, I uh, I slept in the guest room.” Yeah, I would have had to move after that.

28. LOL! Her face when she accidentally touched “it” might have been some of Joey King’s best acting.

29. OMG, being in a room of high school boys with my shirt off is my worst nightmare.

30. Does Elle only have one bra, tho?

31. Well, that was bold.

34. Personally, I would be too stressed that my parents would walk by and see me publicly swapping spit.

35. Uh oh, uh oh, here we go!!! These mean girls thought they set Elle up, but she’s about to get THE. KISS.

36. Wait, so does Mia not realize that she already made out with that nerdy boy?

37. LMAO, that LOOK. That double take! That instant kiss replay!

44. Ah, so Elle is definitely a “bruh” girl.

45. How is Noah just ALWAYS around when some douche hits on Elle?

46. Confused — are we supposed to think him yelling at her and hitting the car hood is hot??

47. LOL, Noah really said, “I know a place.” And then took her to one of the most popular tourist spots in LA.

48. Giiiirl, you’re gonna need the strength of all the gods on Olympus to resist that little smirk.

49. It’s definitely a thing for people to hook up there though, right? Why do I feel like I read somewhere that it’s a common problem…

50. Yikes, why does Elle look like she’s about to cry in this sex scene?? 

51. Good ol’ public sex.

52. HI, MOLLY RINGWALD!! Where you been, girl?

53. I just don’t know if I believe this mediocre white man got into Harvard.

54. Wait, never mind. Checks out.

55. Oooh, Lee hitting her with the “Why is there a lock on your phone?”

56. “Oh, sorry, it’s just because I’m actively having sex with your brother.” —Elle in her head.

57. “I was watching porn.” LOL. I love their friendship.

58. Getting nervous about this super-cute, love montage. Something bad is definitely about to happen.

59. Jacob Elordi really has the broody, rage-filled teen thing down.

60. Oh…this brother vs. brother fight scene is…intense.

61. Elle, NO! WHY would you lie to Lee’s face?? He literally gave you a chance to tell him.

62. Yikes, some strong language from the seemingly innocent Lee.

63. That fight felt unnecessarily dramatic. I get that there’s a lot of pent-up anger/jealousy with both brothers, but still.

64. She literally could have said anything else other than, “What’s wrong with you?”

65. I get it though. Losing a lover is bad, but losing a lifelong BFF is the WORST.

66. YES! Molly Ringwald comes through with the motherly advice!!

67. OMG, teen boys in movies are always hitting dads with the “the way I feel about your daughter” line. Like, who are these boys??? I never knew high school boys that mature.

68. Wait, this is so cute. Lee and Elle are making up through dance! I’m crying. 

69. Wait, I forgot Elle does actually have a little brother. Was he in the beginning? Or is this his first appearance? “Sorry to this man, but I wouldn’t know a thing.”

70. There’s a pic of ELLE IN HER UNDERWEAR AND PAINT AT PROM?? That feels like it 100% wouldn’t be allowed. Or is it just me?

71. Oh yikes, Noah. You’re really gonna make her choose her best friend or you??? Like, at least kiss her in private and let her choose later. 

72. Oof. I really thought Elle would glance at Lee, and I really thought she was going to say it, and he’d be like, “Go for it, bestie,” and she’d tell Noah she loved him too.

73. Good for Noah though. That took guts. He must really love her. Or he’s just a hormone-raged teen. 

74. IDK, man. Noah has the rage and internal struggle of a much older man. We’re supposed to believe he’s, like, 18?

75. Elle’s little speech is making me tear up. As someone who has had a best friend date another best friend…this cuts deep. I feel for Lee, but I feel for Elle too. 

76. Ugh, that was SO CUTE. The besties are back. 

77. Ah, the old switcheroo. Creepy, but charming. 

78. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — Noah’s SO TALL. How tall is he? I’m gonna look it up.

79. He’s 6’5″ fam. SIX. FIVE. A literal tower.

80. Elle driving this motorcyle is kind of stressing me out. 

81. Mmmk, I think we could have done without the kissing booth line. Like, the point has been made.

82. Aww, I’m glad everyone got a happy ending.

83. Can’t wait to watch the next one!

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