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Issues #144 Mar 23, 2020

How bash completion works

We used it daily, bash or zsh. when we type any command then TAB. But how does bash awares of that?
Turn out bash use a built in complete for that. Command registers with bash using complete -W

Debugging MySQL replication lag by diving into the internals

possible causes of replication lag, such as single-threaded replication, choice of binlog format, and disk flushing policy. I’ll show you how to diagnose the problem in your MySQL setup. Finally, I’ll describe how we fixed the replication lag in our case.

Refactoring Legacy Code with the Strangler Fig Pattern

Every developer has to deal with legacy code at some point. We always want to migrate off some legacy system. trade-off decision in the past.
short cut we made in order to be able to move forward Now how we fix them? This is how Shopify do it at scale.

Rolling your own encryption

Expert says “Don’t roll your own” when it comes to crypto. But without trying to build thing, and learn how it works,
how can we deeply understand anything. So here, we go, for fun and see how it works

Recursive SQL Queries with PostgreSQL

When working with databases, most of the time, all you need is SELECT, UPDATE (CRUD operations), few JOINs and WHERE clauses and that’s about it. But, sometimes you will run into datasets and tasks, that will require you to use much more advanced features of SQL. One of them is CTE or common table expression and more specifically, Recursive CTE, which we can use to make recursive SQL queries.

Technical Writing Courses

A collection of courses and learning resources aims to improve your technical documentation from Google.

Understanding PKI for busy folks

Public-key infrastructure (PKI) is a term for everything that has to do with web encryption beyond. This is a list of main terms to understand what it is and how it works.

Remote workers – rapid and cost-effective VPN scale with ZeroTier, OPNSense and FRRouting.

This is an overview of a design we’ve put into production to facilitate enterprise level VPN connectivity without traditional drawbacks like scale limit, hairpinning traffic and expensive hardware and software licensing. ZeroTier is a full mesh VPN where all clients can reach each other, make it super easy to collaborate such as you can SSH into your friend laptop to share a tmux session.

Text processing in the shell

Basically a cheatsheet of tools like awk, sed, grep, tr, cut, paste, sort, uniq etc to process text such as csv, log file in the shell.

Code to read


Basic JVM (Java 1.2) made in Lua



A Fast Spec-Compliant JavaScript Parser Written in Typescript — Ge



An x86 bootloader written in Rust.



Ruby gem (native extension in Rust) providing implementations of various string metrics.
You will learn how to leverage Rust for its great performance, them write binding to call
it from Ruby.



A fully-featured window manager written in Go.



Automate your iTerm layouts and session setup. A similar tool in Ruby is tmuxinator




Self hosted application to access IMAP accounts over REST


Basically an abstraction layer where you can manage infrastructure across AWS, GCP, Azure.
You only have to work with building block from Backstage instead of caring about what they are
in AWS, GCP.
Read introduction post


PostgreSQL Automatic Failover: High-Availibility for Postgres, based on Pacemaker and Corosync.


High-performance connection pool for PostgreSQL


An easy to install, high-performance, zero maintenance proxy to run an encrypted DNS server.


A very simple command line tool for downloading YouTube videos. Similar to youtube-dl but way easier to install since it’s written in Go


Self-hosted, super simple photo stream. It generates static sites which you can host anywhere.


A Slack Client for Your Terminal. Super useful in time where more and more is working remotely.


A push notification server written in Go.

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