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Klobuchar, Steyer Unable to Name Mexican President in Interview

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar during an interview with Telemundo could not name the president of Mexico.

The interview took place ahead of this Saturday’s Nevada caucuses, which has a significant Hispanic population, according to The Hill.

After giving a vague answer when asked what she knows about the Mexican president, Klobuchar is asked by the interviewer if she can give his name, to which Klobuchar replied that she could not.

Andrés Manuel López Obrado has been president of Mexico since December 2018.

Another candidate, billionaire Ton Steyer, was also unable to identify the Mexican president, replying “I forgot” when asked to if he knows his name.

Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, another Democratic presidential candidate, successfully named the Mexican president and was surprised when told that the others could not, saying “President López Obrador is one of the most important leaders in the hemisphere.”

Buttigieg on Sunday criticized Klobuchar for her lack of knowledge, telling a rally in Las Vegas “that there is more to being prepared than how many years you spent in Washington,” CNN reported.

“Look, I get this question a lot you know, ‘What makes you think you can run for president when you haven’t spent years and years in Washington?’ And I always say that’s, that’s kind of the point,” Buttigieg said.

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