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Linux Kernel Developers and Commits Dropped in 2019

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Linux Kernel Developers and Commits Dropped in 2019 (



from the lines-of-Linux dept.

Phoronix reports that on New Year’s Day, the Linux kernel’s Git source tree showed 27,852,148 lines of code, divided among 66,492 files (including docs, Kconfig files, user-space utilities in-tree, etc).

Over its lifetime there’s been 887,925 commits, and around 21,074 different authors:

During 2019, the Linux kernel saw 74,754 commits, which is actually the lowest point since 2013. The 74k commits is compares to 80k commits seen in both 2017 and 2018, 77k commits in 2016, and 75k commits in both 2014 and 2015. Besides the commit count being lower, the author count for the year is also lower. 2019 saw around 4,189 different authors to the Linux kernel, which is lower than the 4,362 in 2018 and 4,402 in 2017.

While the commit count is lower for the year, on a line count it’s about average with 3,386,347 lines of new code added and 1,696,620 lines removed…

Intel and Red Hat have remained the top companies contributing to the upstream Linux kernel.

If Machiavelli were a programmer, he’d have worked for AT&T.


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