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Man found guilty of setting ex-girlfriend on fire

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A New York man was found guilty Friday of throwing gasoline on his ex-girlfriend and then setting her on fire.

Jessica Cameron survived the attack, according to WIVB. But she suffered burns on 30% to 40% of her body.

The incident happened outside of where she worked. Prosecutors told the jury that the man, Jonathon White, lured Cameron outside and attempted to kill her.

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Cameron was in a relationship with White for 7 1/2 years and they have three kids. They separated in 2018, which is when the incident happened.

White suffered less severe burns. He testified he intended to set himself on fire in an effort to make Cameron feel bad.

According to WIVB, he told the jury he started to put gasoline on himself as he was talking to Cameron outside and she tried to stop him. Homicide victims helped suspect clean yard before slaying, family member says.

Cameron was on fire for more than a minute, prosecutors said.

The jury took more than three hours to decide on a verdict.

They found White guilty of attempted murder and assault.

He is set to be sentenced in January.

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