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Minor Sikh girl who lost her father in Kabul gurudwara attack kidnapped | India News – Times of India

AMRITSAR : Before the news of release of Afghanistan’s sehajdhari Sikh Nidan Singh could give some relief to the miniscule Hindu and Sikh community of the war-torn nation, the kidnapping of a minor Sikh girl whose father was one among 25 Sikhs killed in


gurudwara attack on April 25 has further panicked them and put a question mark on their safety and security.

President of Afghan Sikh Hindu Welfare Society Khajinder Singh told TOI on Saturday that

Salmeet Kaur

, 13, was allegedly kidnapped from Gurdwara Baba

Sri Chand

, Shor Bazzar, Kabul on Friday late evening.

Salmeet’s father Surjan Singh was killed by the militants on April 25, who had stormed Gurudwara Har Rai Sahib , located in the same locality.

The hapless young girl lived with her blind mother and a younger brother at Gurdwara Baba Sri Chand.

“We have taken up the issue with Afghanistan’s Sikh member parliament Narinder Singh and have also appealed to Prime Minister Narendera Modi to take cognisance of the kidnapping of a minor Sikh girl with Afghan government through diplomatic channels. We have further requested him to ensure her early and safe release.

Meanwhile Afghanistan’s Sikh senator Anarkali Kaur Honarya told TOI that Sehajdhari Sikh Nidan Singh was freed by his abductors on Saturday. She said Nidan was released and was at Gurudwara Tala Sahib in Chamkani district of

Paktika province

in Afghanistan.

Notably, Nidan, who had migrated to India in 1992 had gone to Gurudwara Tala Sahib where his family owned a piece of land and was kidnapped about a month ago. Earlier it was dubbed that he was abducted by Taliban , however after his release it is believed that he was abducted by local land mafia. Nidan’s wife and five children including three daughters lived in Delhi.

Charan Singh, cousin of Nidan Singh informed that Nidan’s abductors left him at the same place from where he was abducted . “Earlier we were of view that he was kidnapped by militants but there could be hand of local land mafia behind his kidnapping “ . He said Nidan owned about sixteen thousand square yard land near Gurudwara Tala. He however maintained that no deal was struck for Nidan’s release.

Khajinder said the Society had also urged Modi to liberally issue visa’s to Hindu’s and Sikh’s of Afghanistan who wanted to migrate to India and begin emergency flights to evacuate them from Afghanistan before it was too late.

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