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Na-Kel Smith Shares “NTRO” Video & Single to Introduce New Album ‘3000NAKTEEN’

Stepping outside the confines of skateboarding and sneakers, Na-Kel Smith jump-started his 2019 campaign by releasing his first full-length musical project under his own name, TWOTHOUSANDNAKTEEN. Now, with a little over two months to go until 2020 begins, the multi-talented young artist is planning on delivering another new album and TWOTHOUSANDNAKTEEN‘s follow-up, 3000NAKTEEN. To introduce his next project and give listeners a preview of its sonic direction, Smith is debuting a new visual for its lead single, “NTRO.”

“I had the opportunity to start making music very early just by f*cking with Tyler and Thebe and people like that. I was in the studio with them and they would be making some of these songs that took them to the next level in music, but I just work at my own pace,” Na-Kel Smith shared with us during a 2018 interview. “I started making music because I got the bug for it and now I’m passionate about it. Just like when I started skating, I never do nothing because someone else wants to do it or someone else wants me to do it.”

“I want to create my own sound,” Smith added, stressing the importance of crafting his own signature style and carving out his own lane as a rapper. “I’m not scared to be myself so I think that’s one thing that you have to do. If you want to pursue music, you can’t be scared to be yourself. You can’t be scared to get up there in front of 5 people or 500 people and be yourself … I’m never going to limit myself. I’m going to follow my heart.”

You can take a look at the new music video for Na-Kel Smith’s latest major single “NTRO” above. Na-Kel Smith’s forthcoming studio album 3000NAKTEEN will hit streaming services and similar platforms this Friday, October 25.

For more, check out Na-Kel Smith’s recent Nizza RFS collaboration with adidas Skateboarding.

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