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Netflix gives away huge plot twist in Messiah after Arabic speakers notice ‘massive spoiler’ in character’s name

Arabic-speaking fans have reportedly worked out the big twist ending for Netflix‘s new show Messiahbefore it has even been released on the streaming service.

Fans on social media have claimed a major spoiler is hidden in the name of the show’s lead character, played by actor Mehdi Dehbi.

The political thriller series is about the sudden, mysterious appearance of a young man in Syria – who claims he was sent to Earth by his father for a special mission – being investigated by CIA officer.

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The trailer for the show was shared by Netflix this week, with the caption reading: “Who do you think he is?”

However, Muslims on Twitter have pointed out that the mysterious man is called “Al-Masih”. 

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In Islamic eschatology, Al-Masih ad-Dajjal is an evil figure comparable to the Antichrist – whose name translates to “the false messiah, liar, the deceiver” in Arabic. 

Twitter user @frankoceanhafiz tweeted: “Crying @ the fact that Muslims figured out the twist ending of the Netflix ‘Messiah’ show b/c they LITERALLY NAMED THE CHARACTER DAJJAL.”

In response, one Twitter user wrote: “Goes to show you that english speakers also dont look into the meaning or context of the concepts they use – that they borrow these concepts merely because theyre ‘exotic’ to other english speakers, meant to entertain an audience of english speakers and probs no one else (sic).”

Messiah has received a considerable amount of hype ahead of its release in 2020. Viewers will be able to watch it on Netflix from 1 January.

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