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New NetMotion unified platform includes software-defined perimeter (SDP) capabilities | ZDNet

NetMotion is a successful mobile performance management software company that has seen a surge in business due to the sudden move to an all remote workforce by companies around the world. Even while helping those customers with this transition, it has been able to re-write the entire product stack, simplify it, add SDP/ZTNA functionality, and more in order to launch its new unified platform.

Its individual products, including Mobility, Visibility, and more, are now merged into a single platform and client. Its VPN solution has been enhanced and improved with a new capability that supports visibility outside of the tunnel. NetMotion’s data shows that cybersecurity threats have risen 50% since January as remote workers visit more ‘risky’ websites outside corporate networks. With the new platform, organizations will be able to better protect the company.

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Prior to 2020, my engineering firm supported remote work for one to two days a week with NetMotion Mobility providing secure and seamless VPN access. In March, the world changed with coronavirus and our 100-person firm moved to an all remote organization. Thanks in large part to Mobility, we have been able to maintain a high level of productivity.

Companies around the world moved to remote work status as a result of coronavirus and many also then found out that legacy VPN solutions are difficult to scale and keep secure. A May 2020 IDC study shows a 77% increase in IT spending on secure remote access. A NetMotion survey shows that 89% of remote workers have encountered connectivity or poor user experience issues since going remote. With Mobility, I have had a near seamless experience accessing remote drives, using engineering applications through VDI, and staying connected away from the office.

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The enhanced NetMotion platform incorporates a software defined perimeter (SDP)/zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution. IT staff will be able to monitor the security posture of users through this single platform and client. Make sure to read NetMotion CEO Christoper Kenessy’s blog post on why the company built this new platform for more insights on what the new product is and how you can use it to provide the best user experience for your employees.

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