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Pakistan PM Imran Khan calls on people to fight climate change – Times of India

ISLAMABAD: Expressing concern over the alarming


levels in Pakistan,

Prime Minister Imran Khan

called on the people to join hands to fight

climate change

and warned that the country’s rapidly depleting forest cover can lead to serious health issues.

Khan was speaking at the launch of the

monsoon plantation drive

2020 in Punjab province’s Kahuta city on Friday.

He said the government had launched a drive to plant 10 billion trees across the country, state-run

Associated Press of Pakistan


Regretting that the forest cover in Pakistan had rapidly depleted over the years, he said that the number of trees in the country at the time of its partition from the Indian sub-continent had decreased to an alarming level.

He also mentioned the alarming levels of pollution in Lahore and said the lack of trees was a serious threat to human health and would be addressed by his government on priority.

He urged the people to join hands in achieving the target of 10 billion trees to fight climate change and environmental pollution.

Khan said that in the past two years, his government had planted 30 million trees, while new nurseries were working at top speed to increase this number to one billion by June next year.

“I am sure our government will be able to meet this ambitious target of one billion trees in its five-year term,” Khan said.

He said that Pakistan has 12 diverse ecological zones and it was a national obligation to preserve and protect the natural systems and its flora and fauna

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