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PCKV: Locally Differentially Private Correlated Key-Value Data Collection with Optimized Utility. (arXiv:1911.12834v1 [cs.CR])

(Submitted on 28 Nov 2019)

Abstract: Data collection under local differential privacy (LDP) has been mostly
studied for homogeneous data. Real-world applications often involve a mixture
of different data types such as key-value pairs, where the frequency of keys
and mean of values under each key must be estimated simultaneously. For
key-value data collection with LDP, it is challenging to achieve a good
utility-privacy tradeoff since the data contains two dimensions and a user may
possess multiple key-value pairs. There is also an inherent correlation between
key and values which if not harnessed, will lead to poor utility. In this
paper, we propose a locally differentially private key-value data collection
framework that utilizes correlated perturbations to enhance utility. We
instantiate our framework by two protocols PCKV-UE (based on Unary Encoding)
and PCKV-GRR (based on Generalized Randomized Response), where we design an
advanced Padding-and-Sampling mechanism and an improved mean estimator which is
non-interactive. Due to our correlated key and value perturbation mechanisms,
the composed privacy budget is shown to be less than that of independent
perturbation of key and value, which enables us to further optimize the
perturbation parameters via budget allocation. Experimental results on both
synthetic and real-world datasets show that our proposed protocols achieve
better utility for both frequency and mean estimations under the same LDP
guarantees than state-of-the-art mechanisms.

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From: Xiaolan Gu [view email]

Thu, 28 Nov 2019 19:14:55 UTC (1,018 KB)

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