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People Are Sharing Things That Immediately Make Them Lose Interest In Someone, Even If They Tick Every Other Box

“Went on a hiking date with someone who littered. There was no second date.”

Ya know that feeling when you meet someone you think is perfect — or at least really vibe with — and then find out something about them that immediately makes you nope out?

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Like, you can’t even see them in the same light anymore.

Well, Redditor u/EGB1- recently asked, “What opinion or behavior would stop you from being romantically interested in someone even if they ticked every other box?”

So get ready to reflect, because here are some of the best responses they received:


“The need to always be the right one.”



“Entitled behavior.”

“People who act like the world owes them everything when they were raised with more than most people. People who demand respect but treat others poorly.” —u/bangcamaroxx


“Someone who is a bad guest at someone else’s house.”


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“Went on a hiking date with someone who littered. There was no second date.”

“Don’t litter yall! It’s selfish and ruins the trails for everyone else.” —u/Quiet_talk


“Being obsessed with social media or needing to document everything all the time and project a perfect version of their life.”


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“When anyone cranks up their tiny phone speakers in public.”

“I cringe so hard even thinking about those situations.” —u/lapippin

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“A girl told me she had been engaged six times. She was 29.”

“I know things happen. But that’s a lot of things.” —u/JackingOffToTragedy


“Someone who lies often as a tactic, to get what they want, to avoid consequences, etc.”

“I had an ex who consistently lied and omitted things. Usually not about anything huge, but she had a habit of it and didn’t seem to think it was wrong. The longer we dated the worse it got. Eventually, it really divided us because I couldn’t trust anything she said.” —u/wheresmychin

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“Not being a critical thinker.”

“I’ve thought of a whole laundry list of things that would be dealbreakers, but they all boil down to whether or not he could think critically.” —u/Whohead12


“Someone who always talks but never really says anything.”



“A whiny voice.”

“This one surprised me — about myself. The person had everything else going for them, but after a few hours, I just couldn’t stand the thought of listening to that voice over the long haul.” —u/komatiite

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“Never holding my hand or not having any nonsexual physical contact.”



“He told me he would much rather make small talk with a stranger than have a deep conversation with good friends.”

“I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, but that described perfectly why we never connected on a deeper level after being together for two years. We tried, but I couldn’t make it work after that realization.” —u/yuffieisathief


“Not being able to handle me when I’m depressed.”

“My best friend’s little sister died in a car crash, and I was torn up about it. My now-ex became indifferent towards me because I was ‘too depressed to be with.’

If someone can’t handle being a decent human being when I’m depressed, what are they going to act like when it’s my mom? Dad? Dog, even? ‘Whoops, sorry, but I don’t wanna hang out because you’re sad.'” —u/FireAsh47


“Being condescending.”

“I hate it. It makes me angry. Be nice to people. Accept they may not be as knowledgeable as you on a subject. Don’t condescend.” —u/Crazyboutdogs



“I eventually realized that her deeply dysfunctional relationship to objects extended to the people around her. I was not an actual person, I was just another acquisition that was acquired and subsequently treated shabbily. I’m not sure if this is common, but I won’t take the chance again.” —u/nibo001


“The need to constantly be on your phone.”

“I’m totally fine with spending a lot of time on it, but if you can’t put it down to watch a movie or have a conversation then it’s a problem.” —u/Fisherman_Gabe


“If they don’t even attempt to get along with my friends.”




“If you notice the person you’re interested in tells fibs or little white lies early on, it’s only going to be catastrophic once you clear the honeymoon phase.” —u/drknockb00ts

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“Minimizing my accomplishments.”

“I knew this woman, and if I said something like, ‘I got a promotion at work,’ instead of saying that it was great and that I was great at my job, she’d say something like, ‘Yeah, well didn’t you say Bill has really been helping you out with stuff?'” —u/Ethan-Wakefield

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“Being casually mean or inconsiderate to people.”

“Like cutting other cars off, taking a parking space that someone is waiting for, immediately leaving a conversation with someone when they see someone else more interesting.” —u/JanuarySoCold


“He ALWAYS knew everything, even when it was obvious he didn’t.”

“I had an ex who was not exactly condescending, but he never once said, ‘Oh really? I didn’t know that!’ in five years of a relationship.” —u/NoMameMijito

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“Criticizing my emotions.”

“They would say, ‘How come you don’t express yourself?’ And when I would proceed to express myself, ‘You’re being too emotional!’ Fuck outta here with that shit.” —u/Some_Hot_Garbage


“If the person you are dating makes you feel small.”

“Not in a physical sense but like you’re less than them. I’ve learned that’s my first sign to book it out of there.” —u/abbyfromhr


“Bad table manners and disrespectful to family and friends.”

“Especially speaking with your mouth filled with food you just chewed.” —u/SeriesAdministrative

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“My ex would always say, ‘Oh no, you want to do this not that,’ every time I talked about doing something one way.”

“It even crossed over into me researching and buying gear for backpacking or biking, etc. He always seemed to know better than me, and I will not ever be able to be with someone again who tells me what to do, what to buy, or makes me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.” —u/shagcarpet3


“People who proudly mentioned they thought jealousy was important in a relationship.”

“That’s an automatic no from me. I don’t want someone questioning every time I hang out with a friend or getting paranoid if I’m not in contact for more than a few hours.” —u/IAmASolipsist


“Not having a capacity for compassion or empathy for others, including animals.”



“If I’m in a depressive mood (I have depression), just telling me to ‘get over it’ or, better yet, getting mad at me for being sad.”


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“Being too clingy too quickly.”

“I had a girl tell me she loved me after four hours of talking, asking why I’m not responding, etc. It was an absolute no.” —u/yashmorar


“Make me feel like my feelings are invalid or that theirs are more valid than mine.”



And of course, “If they liked me back, can’t date people with awful taste.”


So, tell us, what’s the ultimate dealbreaker that you’d end a relationship over, even if the person ticked off every other box? Let us know in the comments below!

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