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Positivity is the key to unlock your good luck

By Rajyogini Dadi Gulzar

Situations arise in our lives regularly and even suddenly, sometimes. At those times, we are not prepared for them and even the best of people who are generally very positive, can become disturbed.

Feelings of helplessness when faced with difficult situations are something that many people in the world experience. It’s as if life comes to a standstill and you don’t know where to look for help and whom to call out to.

Usually, when we tend to pay a lot of attention to a negative situation. All the positivity remains hidden and only the negativity is highlighted. When someone is caught in a negative atmosphere, his attitude, words and actions too are coloured with negativity. This further aggravates the negative ambience.

So, life can be demanding at times when we are not prepared for situations or are not mentally strong enough to face them. This makes it difficult for us to adjust to the sudden changes in our life for we normally select status quo as comfort zone.

The best way to face any crisis is to remain calm, cool and solution-oriented with cultivation of positive mindset and optimistic outlook. This is the key to develop inner space in which experience and expression of virtues like courage, contentment, harmony and happiness flow freely.

Positive outlook

Cultivating a positive outlook depends on one’s personality. And one’s personality can be changed to bring positivity and virtues into the mind space, in the form of good quality thoughts, thereby creating positivity in a given situation.

Such positivity can always be inspired by spirituality, that is truly an indispensable component for making our lives free from fear of unsavoury situations. It not merely makes us aware of why situations arise in our lives, but also enables us to accept them.

A spiritual attitude enables us to give a thought to what positive steps we need to take on both physical and non-physical planes, that is, at the level of our words and actions which are physical and at the level of our thoughts which are non-physical, to recalibrate right responses to difficult situations.

It also enhances our inner power to face situations fearlessly by reminding us of the invisible hands of God to hold on to. The capacity and courage of mind increase manifold when we have a very deep relationship with Him based on a spiritual understanding of His universal incorporeal identity as spiritual father of all souls, and by meditational means of connecting with Him.

This connection becomes easy when we visualise ourselves as a soul or a non-physical being of spiritual light different from the physical costume we wear which we commonly call the human body.

Boost immunity

Soul Consciousness in meditation is the foundational technique of connecting yourself internally, using the power of visualisation to the sweet personality of Supreme Soul and absorbing His virtues.

Spiritual wisdom and meditation further empower us to see positivity even in negative situations and influence others with our positivity without being affected by others’ negativity in a negative way. We remain positive in all situations to experience an increase in our inner immunity, safety, health, harmony and happiness. (The writer is global chief of Brahma Kumaris’ organisation)

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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