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‘QAnon Shaman’ seeks release after organic foods caused ‘digestive issues’’

Jacob Anthony Chansley was forced to “reconcile” his shamanistic faith in Donald Trump after the former president rejected his pardon only to grant clemency to personal colleagues and friends, like Lil’ Wayne.

In a motion for pre-trial release that begins with a misattributed quote to Mark Twain, lawyers say the so-called QAnon shaman is a work in progress of “self-analysing” who is dedicating his life to art, writing and working with children.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes,” the motion begins, attributing a quote to Mr Twain that probably originated centuries earlier courtesy of satirist Jonathan Swift.

The motion for pre-trial release filed in the US District Court said Mr Chansley has been “very grateful” for the efforts to accommodate his dietary needs, following his hunger strike until receiving organic food.

“That being said, and without casting aspersions on the efforts of authorities in this regard, the defendant has experienced significant digestive tract issues for which medical consultation has been sought,” the motion said.

Attorney Albert Watkins writes in the motion that Mr Chansley’s counsel reached out to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to confirm a request for a presidential pardon following his arrest.

“After the defendant noted former president Trump’s pardoning of his friends and colleagues and Lil’ Wayne, the Defendant was compelled to reconcile his prior faith in former president Trump with the actions and words of former president Trump,” the motion said.

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Mr Chansley offered to testify against the ex-president at the impeachment trial, saying he was one of the individuals incited by Mr Trump’s actions and speech at The Ellipse on 6 January.

The offer was not taken up by the Democratic House impeachment managers.

The motion gives further insight into Mr Chansley, his shamanistic faith, and his profession as a published author and artist, and living by the principle of Ahimsa, which promotes a life that does no harm to any living being.

Mr Chansley’s legel team submitted into evidence examples of his art and listings on Amazon for his books, One Mind At a Time: A Deep State of Illusion, written under the name Jacob Angeli, and Will & Power: Inside the Living Library, written under the name Loan Wolf.

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