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SaGa Frontier Remastered

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  1. I feel like I can go on and on about SaGa Frontier Remastered that would extend far outside the scope of this review, but if I could sum it all up, I’d say this is the best non-linear JRPG of our time. This does come with a load of nuanced challenges that will push your patience and understanding of the genre. However, after a few hours, you’ll feel the same way. The remastered version only makes the series more approachable with updated visuals, autosave capabilities, a new protagonist, and additional scenarios. I couldn’t have asked for a better version of this game to return to.

  2. It would have been easy to take this remaster too far, to polish it too much in search of broader appeal. But its messiness, its scrappy nature, and the surreal atmosphere that stems from that are precisely what make SaGa Frontier as memorable and beloved as it is among its cult of fans. Restored content, revamped visuals, and new conveniences are great to have, but SaGa Frontier Remastered‘s greatest achievement is how it keeps the maverick soul of the original alive for a new generation to enjoy.

  3. SaGa Frontier is a frivolous and irreverent little JRPG that eschews grand narratives and philosophies to instead focus on a charming sequence of absurd juxtapositions, genuine humour, and playfulness. It’s a well-made game, and the effective, challenging and entertaining combat system stands as proof of that. It’s just that it’s also nothing like most other Square Enix JRPGs, because the developers clearly wanted to deliver something that defied the expectations of the JRPG genre. SaGa Frontier was such a resounding success at that that it has become a “cult classic” and while this will never appeal to the mainstream, hopefully it will find itself a new audience through this remaster.

  4. A game reserved for experienced players who are looking for an original experience coming out of the linear codes of the J-RPG and who are not allergic to the logic of the games of the PS1 era.

  5. Saga Frontier Remastered is a good re-proposition of a game that isn’t scared to be divisive, today as at the end of the Nineties.

  6. While Square’s effort to bring to modern console its old goodies is commendable, SaGa Frontier Remastered is just an average RPG with a few highs and just as many lows.

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