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Scottish pipe band plays for parents of assault victim Danny Hodgson after dash from UK to Perth

A Scottish pipe band in Perth has comforted distressed British parents Nicola and Peter Hodgson who are in hotel quarantine in Perth, as their son lies in intensive care after being assaulted.

Key points:

  • Danny Hodgson remains in the Royal Perth Hospital after being attacked at a train station
  • His parents are in hotel quarantine after being granted an exemption to fly into Australia from the United Kingdom 
  • Support for the family has poured in from around the world with thousands of dollars raised

The Hodgsons were granted a travel exemption to come to Australia following the attack on their 25-year-old son Danny, who was allegedly hit in the back of the head by a 15-year-old last Sunday.

The Scottish Coastal Pipe Band gathered across the road from the Pan Pacific Hotel where Nicola and Peter Hodgson have stayed since they arrived on Friday, with a tribute to Danny, performing Danny Boy, Amazing Grace and Waltzing Matilda.

They were joined by some of Mr Hodgson’s teammates from the ECU Joondalup Football Club.

Courtenay Dawson from the Scottish Coastal Pipe Band said it meant a lot to the band that they could help support Mr Hodgson’s family.

“We got a message via Facebook a couple of days ago, putting a call out for pipers to come and play,” she said.

“A lot of us have been following the story, and to be able to do any little thing we can just to lift that mood is really good.”

Danny Hodgson plays for ECU Joondalup in the WA National Premier League and took out the 2020 Football West Golden Boot award.

One fundraiser for Danny Hodgson has gathered more than $120,000 in donations, including donations under the names of English Premier League players Dominic Calvert-Lewin from Everton and Dean Henderson from Manchester United.

Two men on a soccer field, one with his back to the camera, shake hands.

Danny Hodgson was the leading scorer in the WA league in his first season at ECU Joondalup.(



Joondalup teammate Ellis Healing said it was “insane” how much attention and interest his friend’s story had received.

“Last night, Danny got his name shouted out at Old Trafford, at the Manchester United game,” he said.

“He wouldn’t believe that if he knew that sort of stuff was happening.”

Danny Hodgson remains in the intensive care unit at the Royal Perth Hospital after he was allegedly attacked at a train station in Perth after a night out.

Detectives have since charged the 15-year-old with grievous bodily harm and he is due to appear in Perth Children’s Court on September 22.

Another friend and former teammate Steve Burton told the ABC that Danny Hodgson was slowly coming off sedation and had been trying to move slightly today.

He said Nicola and Peter Hodgson’s room overlooked the hospital their son was in.

“They’ve come all this way, they’re a mile away and a million miles away at the same time,” Mr Burton said.

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