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Sydney road rage attack victim thought he would ‘definitely die’

Motorist, 37, who ‘clung to the bull bar of a Toyota Landcruiser as he was driven THREE kilometres’ after an alleged road rage incident breaks his silence on ‘terrifying’ ordeal

  • Anthony Pasquale, 45, is charged over alleged Christmas Day road rage attack
  • The incident began when two cars got into a minor nose-to-tail crash, police said
  • Pasquale allegedly tried to leave scene, at which point man grabbed onto his car 
  • He allegedly drove for three kilometres with a man clinging to bullbar of his 4WD
  • Vipin Aggarwal, 37, said he feared he would die during the alleged incident 

By Josh Hanrahan For Daily Mail Australia

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A man who clung to a bullbar of a 4WD as it was allegedly driven for three kilometres after a Christmas Day road rage attack has revealed he thought he would die during the terrifying incident.

Vipin Aggarwal, 37, was involved in a minor collision with Anthony Pasquale, 45, last month on Centenary Drive at Homebush, in Sydney’s west.

When Mr Aggarwal got out to exchange details with Pasquale, he claimed Pasquale allegedly drove off, leaving him to grab a hold of the front of his ute in a desperate attempt to stop him.

In the aftermath of the alleged incident – which a passing motorist captured on video – Mr Aggarwal admitted that as he clung for dear life to the bonnet of the ute he thought he was going to die.

Vipin Aggarwal (pictured), 37, thought he was going to die after an alleged road rage incident on Christmas Day that saw him forced to cling for dear life to the front of a Toyota Landcruiser

‘If I lose my hands, even if the car doesn’t kill me, the impact of falling on the road at that speed would definitely kill me,’ Mr Aggarwal told 7News

‘He stopped for a split second, if I wouldn’t have got off at that moment he would still have been driving me.  

Pasquale briefly faced Burwood Local Court on Thursday over the alleged December 25 incident. He has not entered a plea and remains on bail.

Mr Aggarwal claimed he held tight to the black bull bar for three kilometres before eventually he was able to jump off safely several suburbs away on Margaret Street, at Greenacre.

The heat of the engine allegedly saw Mr Aggarwal rushed to hospital suffering second degree burns to his legs and requiring stitches. 

After being released from custody on Boxing Day, Pasquale said he was not to blame for the incident.

Anthony Pasquale, 45, (pictured outside court) was allegedly involved in a minor collision with Mr Aggarwal – the driver of a Toyota Camry – on Centenary Drive, Homebush, on December 25

‘He jumped on me, I didn’t do anything to him,’ he claimed.

Video posted to Facebook following the incident shows a family screaming in shock after seeing Mr Aggarwal clinging to the front of the car.

‘What the f**k, he’s dragging along the front,’ the passenger of the passing car says in the footage.

In the backseat, distressed children can be heard screaming as they watch on just metres away from the incident.

The family inside the car followed the Landscruiser for the next two kilometres while they called police. 

Pasquale (pictured) faced Burwood Local Court on Thursday, before sprinting out the doors of the courthouse in an attempt to avoid questions from the waiting media

Pasquale refused to answer questions from media as he entered court, before sprinting out of the courthouse in an attempt to evade the waiting pack following his brief mention. 

Pasquale is charged with four offences including cause bodily harm by misconduct while in charge of a motor vehicle and negligent driving.

He is also charged with not giving his particulars to another driver after an accident.

His matter will return before the courts on January 30, with his bail to continue. 

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