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The Intersection Of Faith And The Discovery Of Life Beyond Earth


On this episode of the The Federalist Radio Hour, commentary writer for the Washington Examiner Tom Rogan joined Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky for the second time to discuss videos recently declassified by the pentagon that they identify as unidentified aeriel phenomena (UAP). He joined to discuss his reporting on the subject and how its affect on people of faith.

Rogan argued for the existence of life outside earth and that there is a reason behind why the government released the UAP video without further explanation. 

“The critical component going forward I think is being able to access government data, and to access radar reporting, etc., and getting the government I think which they’re doing now to stop as they were doing,” Rogan said. 

With eyewitness accounts and observations from credible people that transcends different time periods, there should be growing attention given to the topic. As the discussion surrounding UAP grains credibility, religions will have to grapple with their beliefs.

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