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These People’s Worst Date Moments Are So Embarrassing

These awkward moments will make you feel way better about your dating life.

First dates can be an exciting time to get to know someone but unfortunately we’ve all had an experience where things got a littleeee awkward.

TikTok user @mollietrainor knows that bad dates are a far too relatable topic so she asked her followers, “What is the most embarrassing moment you’ve experienced on a date?”

To start things off, Mollie shared a (not-so-bad) story of how she went out for dinner with a male co-worker but had no idea he thought it was a date. Midway through they both realized that they had different intentions for the dinner but the underlying tension really didn’t surface until a drunk person in the restaurant approached them to tell them they made a beautiful couple:

Here are some of the most embarrassing stories:

TikTok videos not playing for you? You might need to change the settings on your device — here’s how.


@billy_in_the_street was pleasantly surprised when he matched with a friend on Tinder and they both expressed interest in one another. He invited her on a date and she accepted. On the night of their dinner, she asked to postpone and Billy didn’t mind – until she made sure he knew it was a “pretend date.” AND they still ended up going to dinner at Cheesecake Factory anyway:


When @sylvaaaan was in college, she met a guy at a party who invited her to get coffee at a local cafe. During the date, they talked about their exes and Sylv mentioned her only ex from high school. Minutes later, the ex walked into the coffee shop! After an awkward encounter, Sylv’s date made a comment about how he looked exactly like her ex:


After only a month together, @mayamaybemayo attended the wedding of a friend of the guy she was casually dating. She drove the duo to the event, which was several hours away in a secluded area of Vermont.

While she stayed sober as the designated driver, her date got drunk and ended up dumping her in the middle of the wedding! She still had to stay with him the rest of the night, as well as their hotel stay and the drive home the following day:


@redtritongaming met a woman on Tinder and talked to her for about a month, letting her know that he is legally blind and how his eyes shake because of the condition.

After finally meeting in person for a movie date that seemed to be going well, his date told him she was freaked out by his shaking eyes and went home:


Before going on a date with a guy from Tinder, @r8chelberry7 tried to find him on social media to confirm he was a real person. She came up empty in the usual places so she recruited her friends to help her scour the internet for information.

The group ended up finding his high school basketball reel, his mom and best friend’s Facebook. She felt safe going on the date but knew her phone was filled with information about him. So when he asked her to look up lyrics during the date, she knew she couldn’t bring up her Safari history. She tried to play it safe by having him type the song into Apple Music – but it turns out she had previously searched his BEST FRIEND’S NAME in the app. He was completely weirded out:


@prxncesslillith brought a friend along to meet a new guy for the first time and when they arrived at the bar, the man had the audacity to ask for her friend’s number:


On a recent date, @paigeelizabeth43 was in an Uber heading to her apartment with a guy she really liked. She suddenly started feeling nauseous and ended up throwing up into her mask. Thankfully her date was really nice about the situation and helped her get home:


After getting stood up once before, @stutteringtexansam gave her guy another chance and met up with him for a coffee date. He followed through on this date, except he brought his guitar along and proceeded to serenade her right in the middle of the coffee shop:


When @the_clumsy_gemini was getting dinner with a new guy, she thought he was being awkward by blankly staring at her for most of the date.

She was so uncomfortable that when he asked if she could drive him home, she said no. Her opinion about him quickly changed when he revealed the reason he couldn’t drive home was because he was blind:


@amaaayj accidentally got really drunk before going on a dinner date. When the pair arrived at the restaurant, she decided to order a major three course meal but quickly began feeling very sick.

On her second trip to the bathroom, she tried to make up an excuse and told her date that she had “forgot to pee” the first time. Despite the restaurant being tiny and her date probably hearing her in the restroom, she returned and pretended like she hadn’t just gotten sick. She was then presented with her massive meal, a jug of sangria, and to top things off, her date introduced her the restaurant owner, who happened to be his friend:


After a lovely movie date, @mallory_mmm and her date decided to take an afternoon walk. In the middle of the stroll, a bird pooped directly on her face and she had to walk all the way back through the shopping center until she could find someplace to wash her face:


@eiticilef got asked to go on a bowling date with a new guy and quickly realized he was VERY passionate about the sport.

Not only did he have a membership to the bowling alley but also owned several pairs of shoes and bowling balls. That wasn’t the weird part though! During their game, her date decided to sit on her lap, right in the middle of the bowling alley:

Have you ever been on a really bad date? Share your story in the comments!

TikTok videos not playing for you? You might need to change the settings on your device — here’s how.

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