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Thirstier by Torres

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  1. With ‘Thirstier’, Torres has delivered her most varied set of songs yet; trying on so many different costumes suits her.

  2. It’s admittedly not the most cohesive album, infatuated with various experimental threads, but it’s also hard to fault this restlessness album, which is punchy and gutsy enough to hold up Torres’ constantly intriguing ideas.

  3. Some of her most nuanced, delightfully disparate songs to date.

  4. Eleven years on from her debut, TORRES’ songwriting remains as infatuating as ever.

  5. It’s as lively a rock album as you’ll hear this year.

  6. Thirstier is exuberant and unguarded—the kind of music you make when you’re no longer testing out a new skin and instead reveling in the fervent joy that it brings you. At their best, these songs ride the contact high of a love so consuming that it shifts your worldview and makes you write songs loaded with screamable choruses and conventional hooks.

  7. Thirstier seems to spin out of control in the name of artistic development. The daring dip into electronic garners mixed results.

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