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This Artist Is Going Viral On TikTok For Giving Disney Characters Modern Day “Glow-Ups”

Ariel’s having a rough time.

You can never have too many Disney re-imaginings! From TikTok influencers to realistic faces, artists are always finding new ways to reinvent and add their own spin on these beloved characters.


Véronique Pierre, a 25-year-old artist living in French Guiana who has been been sharing her creations on Instagram for over four years, has received millions of views after bringing her Disney transformations to TikTok.

Véronique told BuzzFeed that she was inspired to draw her Disney glow-ups series after seeing other artists creating similar series on the app.

“I thought it was really beautiful, and I was wondering how the drawings would look with my own style. So, I decided to draw all the princesses.”

These princesses include favorites like Anna from Frozen:

Belle from Beauty and the Beast:

She’s also expanded her glow-ups to villains. “I wanted to do something new that we don’t see a lot on TikTok, so I decided to draw the villains of Disney! Unfortunately, I think they are often forgotten, but they’re funny and have charisma. It was so much fun to draw them!”

Here’s Mother Gothel serving some serious ~lewks~:

“I love them all. It’s not easy to choose a favorite, but If I had to choose, it would be Cruella de Vil.”

And my personal favorite? Véronique’s brand-new series where she imagines Disney princesses dealing with “real world” scenarios, like Ariel and widespread ocean pollution:

@veroniica95 / Disney / Via

“I think that we’re so used to seeing our princesses happy, but in real life, not everything is always beautiful and easy. We all have ups and downs…when I drew Ariel, I thought to myself: If she was here with us, if she was real, what would she be like? Would it be like in the movie where everything is nice and clean? No, she would be sad to see what we, humans, are doing to our planet and animals.”

She also focuses on more intimate struggles in the series, like Princess Tiana being left on read by Prince Naveen:

When asked about the response to her work, Véronique told BuzzFeed, “I never imagined people would love it so much! And very surprisingly, the villains! It’s crazy that I inspire other people to get started, to not be afraid to draw. It makes me so happy, and it gives me the courage and the strength to go further.”

She also added that she believes people shouldn’t be afraid to share their art and passions, including herself. “We must dare in life, and not be afraid. We shouldn’t listen to the judgments of others. We only have one life, so make the most of it, and do what you love.”

To see even more of Véronique’s fantastic work, follow her on TikTok and Instagram.

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