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Thousands of fans tested ahead of playoff game

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WKBW) — Honking, singing, and other signs of celebration echoed across the ticket holder COVID-19 testing site across from the Buffalo Bills Stadium on Wednesday.

It was the first of two COVID-19 testing days for playoff ticket holders and stadium staff.

Happening Now: @BuffaloBills fans are being tested ahead of Saturday’s playoff game at this testing site set up outside the stadium. Ticket holders must test negative to be admitted to the game. There are 30 lanes for testing & little to no wait based on scheduling. @WKBW

— Ali Touhey (@Ali2e) January 6, 2021

“I think it’s fine. It definitely makes me feel safer,” said Will Gioia of Buffalo. “I was born in 92, my brother in 94 so this has been a lifelong wait to see a Bills home playoff game,” added Will’s brother, Ted.

Not all are on board with the testing policy. Buffalo Bills Safety Jordan Poyer’s wife, Rachel Bush tweeted “Nope. Not compromising my freedom for a football game. Especially if what is happening is a full swab when I was told partial swab multiple times. Won’t happen. Only stupid state that does this.”

Bio Reference is handling the testing. Sales Vice President Ryan Kellogg said the tests require several swabs in the lower part of the nose. He realizes a fan can catch COVID between being tested and game day. He said the purpose here is to help reduce the risk of exposure.

“After they receive the results, I would say do what they can to social distance, stay inside and do what they’ve been doing,” he said.

Bio Reference’s temporary testing site will be up Wednesday and Thursday. Tests are being paid for by the ticket holder. Results take 24-48 hours. Fans are required to show their negative test result upon entering the stadium on Saturday.

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