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Tom Brady Is Not Retiring: ‘We’re Coming Back’

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — As far as real life goes, Tom Brady isn’t that old. As far as professional football players go, though? Tom Brady is ancient.

But he’s also a Super Bowl champion. And he’s also the Super Bowl MVP. And he has absolutely no intention of riding off into the sunset after his championship victory over the Chiefs on Sunday night.

On stage to hold up the Lombardi Trophy, Brady was asked by Jim Nantz if he still has more football left in him.

Brady didn’t hesitate.

“Yeah, we’re coming back,” Brady replied. “You gotta know that!”

Tom Brady is simply never going to retire.

— Michael Hurley (@michaelFhurley) February 8, 2021

Eventually, Tom Brady will decide that he’s had his fill of football and will hang up his cleats. (Right? Right?!) He said back in 2014, “When I suck, I’ll retire.” At that same time, he also said, “I don’t plan on sucking for a long time.”

At 43, Brady certainly did not suck. He threw 40 touchdowns in the regular season, the second-highest total of any season of his career, behind only his 50-touchdown season in 2007. He won four playoff games in a single postseason for the first time, and he was damn near perfect in the first half against the Chiefs, completing 16 of 20 passes and throwing three touchdowns.

The rest of the NFL might prefer it if he were to retire. But Brady’s going to ride this unbelievable career for as long as possible.

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