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Ukraine’s President Massively Raised the Stakes in the Shirtless Vaccine Contest

Ukraine's President Massively Raised the Stakes in the Shirtless Vaccine Contest

There’s an unofficial contest taking place among Europe’s politicians right now, where they see how much torso they can get away with showing while receiving their COVID vaccine.

It turns out that no one has more skin in the game than Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, who saw what Greece’s prime minister and France’s health ministeramong others – did, and took it to the next, potentially final, level.

Zelensky – who actually tested positive for the coronavirus last November – posted a photo on Twitter of himself getting the jab, with his shirt completely removed. For extra macho points, his tweet says he was vaccinated on the frontline with soldiers in the country’s east. The “vaccine will let us live without restrictions again”, he wrote.

Ukraine officially began its vaccination programme last month, and has so far purchased 2 million doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, 500,000 of which are being administered already.

For additional context: there’s no need to remove your entire shirt to get vaccinated, unless, as was actually claimed by a Conservative MP in the UK, your upper arm muscles are too big to roll up your sleeves.


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