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UP cops track cell, ask man walking to Supreme Court to return home | India News – Times of India

MEERUT: In four days, Praveen Kumar has covered about 140 km of the 200 km he is walking from UP’s Saharanpur to Supreme Court in Delhi to “reclaim his honour”. The self-proclaimed Hindu nationalist, who has written books on PM Narendra Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath, had been wrongly listed among 1,000-odd people allegedly converted by two Delhi-based preachers. While he marches to prove he never did, his quest is being closely followed by UP cops who want him to turn back. They are tracking his phone, cutting him off his path and “counselling” him to give up, he said.

“Why can’t I make my voice heard?” Kumar, 32, said on Friday. “I want to get rid of this stigma I have been unfairly burdened with. Only the SC can help me.”He had left home on what he calls the ‘Samajik Nyay Yatra (Social Justice March)’ on Tuesday after facing a social boycott in his village, where the idea that he may have embraced Islam wasn’t welcomed. While the ATS later acknowledged he had not been converted, he was still seen with suspicion. “Go to Pakistan,” a message on his door said.

On Thursday, he had stopped at a relative’s house in Dadri on Muzaffarnagar-Meerut border. Early Friday morning, he was greeted by cops. “A police team from Saharanpur had tracked my phone’s GPS location,” he said. “They found me and, at first, tried to make me give up on my march. When I didn’t listen, they started pressuring me. They would have detained me and forced me to go back.” In the melee that surrounded this, he managed to give police the slip. “But I had to leave my bag with all my belongings behind.”

“We’ve been trying to counsel him but we are not forcing him,” Saharanpur SSP S Chanappa said. Kumar was not convinced.“What came of that one visit? I was labelled a terrorist. They didn’t help then,” he said.


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