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We Had 10 People Style A Plaid Skirt And I Must Confess, It’s Really Cute

Spotted, a super cute pleated plaid skirt. Xoxo.

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Back in my youth I wore a plaid, pleated skirt nearly every day. It was a part of my uniform and I detested it. So when I saw that the current trends were making plaid skirts into a “fashion” statement I just wondered, why?

Well folks, these plaid skirts are not the skirts of my youth and to prove it we had 10 people style them into pretty badass outfits that had me feeling nostalgic and confused all at the same time — am I really about to buy a plaid skirt as a fashion statement? Yes. Yes. I am.

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First, let me introduce you to the plaid skirt in question — DAZCOS high-waisted uniform plaid skirt is a little marvel! It not only has the above-mentioned high-waist and deep pleating but it also has built-in shorts! BUILT-IN. Some might call this a skort but the shorts aren’t really visible at all (unless you bend down and need protection), so imma stick with skirt.

This skirt also comes in seven fun (not boring, plain ol’) colors like pink and green. Plus it’s available in sizes XS–3XL.

We gave the muted navy version out to our 10 style icons — this version has a tartan print that is highlighted with purple details.


And they took it to a whole other level — some stayed classic embracing the preppy heritage of the skirt while others made my rock ‘n’ roll dreams come true.

One person even cut their skirt by just about an inch, which was truly everything I ever wished I could do when I was younger.


Raise your hand if you rolled the waistband of your skirt up in order to make it shorter! 🙋

And pick up the DAZCOS high-waisted uniform plaid skirt from Amazon for $16.99+.


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