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What keyboard do you use?

Laptop user here, looking for solid keyboard options to upgrade.

What keyboard do you use and why did you choose the particular model?



I use a Kinesis Freestyle for my work laptop and a Freestyle 2 for my personal computer (iMac):…

I used a Das Keyboard at home for about two and a half years but switched back to the Kinesis a couple of months ago when I developed problems in my right arm.


I’ve been using a Ducky One RGB with Cherry MX Red switches for the past two years. It works really well, it is easy on my wrists and it has some cool light effects.


There are 2 keyboards I’m using. One for the office (open floor) and one for my home setup.

For the office I’m having the Logitech mx keys.

It’s such a great keyword and it’s not loud so I won’t distract my colleagues.

For my home setup I’m having a razer black widow rgb with orange switches. Just such a nice feeling especially when there is nobody to bother with the sound.


I recently went from a mechanical sharkoon board to a cherry scissor switch. It’s absolutely perfect for me, although the only downside is that it comes without backlit keys. But hé, who needs to look at his kb anyway? (Ok, me sometimes ..)


These days, I use mostly default MacBook Pro keyboard as I’m always moving around the house.

But used to use Real Force in the past. Likes Happy Hacking Keyboard, but recently got this one referred by a team mate:

Haven’t received it yet, but excited! 🙂


At work I use the ultimate hacking keyboard ( Kailh Black ) and the Ducky one two ( mx brown).

At home I use the wooting two ( optical ).

I recently ordered a Hexgears Gemini dawn. To try some Kailh box switches on.

I also have a Gigabyte k35 that I used for a while but that is a horrible keyboard.


I’ve got a Logitech Craft and love it. The MX keys feels just the same and is way cheaper, so that would be my go-to option these days.

Disclaimer: I don’t like mechanical keyboards.


I’m using a Cherry MX red old-school full mechanical keyboard with long life and I’m 100% satisfied. Hardcore keyboard user (who is using a mouse with vim?). Good support ,too. Had to switch two keys z/y and spare-keys arrived two days later.


Still on my k95 from Corsair MX red not the best to code but not only doing that on my PC :p

At work still have a cheap membrane one but will soon change with a new mechanical from keychron (k8) hope I’ll appreciate it 😀


im using some sort of external and easily broken keyboard alike. but i used that for gaming.

im using laptop. but since my laptop can be easily overheated for no reason. i open the top cover and leaving the fans rotating around 7300 rpm.


The previous year I decided to invest in Ergodox EZ ( It was hard to get used to it while I had to all the time change between my office keyboard (Logitech K380) and the ergodox one, but since pandemic started it took a week to build layouts for myself and get used to it. Especially challenging was Cyrillic layout because there are not enough keys in the rows to place all the letters to their common places. Here what it has become:…

But in the very end, there is a feature of the keyboard I love the most – it is ortolinear. I used to have pain in my left wrist because I bent it to the left following the placement of the keys, don’t need to do it anymore.

The same team also builds Planck keyboards, those are more compact, cheaper (than ergodox but still expensive), still ortolinear but have a bit conceptual way of switching key layouts.


Magic Keyboard for Mac with English (UK) layout. 🙂


Logitech K120 (8€)

Because I use to eat and smoke infront of the PC.


Code Keyboard but I’ve had them for awhile and sort of getting the itch for something different.


I have Filco Majestouch with brown switches that I use regularly. Very comfortable.


Logitech G413 Carbon. I loooooove it!

I first got one for my home PC. I quickly got one for my work PC and one for my server rack.


TVS gold. Old but gold…🔥


Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

Loud as hell (like most gamer keyboards), wouldn’t use it in the office. But great feeling. So sensitive that “touch typing” really means it.


I’ve had a KBParadise V60 for about 5 years now. It’s finally starting to wear.

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