At long last, it is going to take place: Black Adam will get his very own film. Even though Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson isn't exactly a household name just yet, his portrayal of the strong Khandaqi is set to change that in the near future.

Black Adam had, up until this point, been recognised mostly for his role as Shazam's perpetual adversary; but, given the fact that his name will be the one that appears first on the marquee,

it is clear that Geoff Johns and the DCEU have more ambitious goals for Black Adam. Black Adam is an antihero, which means he doesn't assist others and doesn't hurt them either.

He possesses godlike talents but devillike wrath, although he is dedicated to serving justice and has a strong moral code (albeit it is changeable). When asked which part he would want to play, Dwayne Johnson responded,

 "I absolutely admire [his] history, and I feel that Black Adam has always been, for me, the most intriguing superhero." Black Adam has always been for Dwayne Johnson the most compelling superhero.

When one thinks about the things that he has accomplished, it is not difficult to see the reason why he has succeeded.

Picture and Music Credits :, Getty images

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