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What You Don’t Know About Acid Reflux

To begin with, acid reflux is not a sickness in the traditional sense. It’s a problem that can be entirely cured if you consume a healthy diet. Acid reflux, GERD and heartburn may have been more common a thousand years ago. I doubt it at this point. I think it’s a result of the poor quality of the food we’re eating these days, our eating habits, and the high levels of stress we’re all experiencing.

People who eat fast food shouldn’t expect to have a healthy digestive system. Food must be chewed thoroughly and liquids should not be added to dilute the digestive fluids, the worst of which being carbonated beverages. Of course, the fat content of processed foods just serves to exacerbate the problem. Most fast food customers order a burger, fries, and beverage. Customers are encouraged to buy soft drinks from the personnel. If you refuse the large soft drink, people will look at you like you’re crazy.

With both parents at work and commuting, today’s people find themselves constantly in a rush. There doesn’t appear to be enough time to buy and cook high-quality food. From an early age, children are expected to be self-sufficient. They cook for themselves, using a microwave to heat up processed foods that have little nutritional value and are high in sodium and fat.

A new generation of acid reflux sufferers is being bred. As a result, the parents’ health isn’t any better. There is a good reason why so many people are plagued by acid reflux. Perhaps the pharmaceutical industry is overjoyed at the prospect of increased sales.

The medical establishment would have us believe that the sole treatment for indigestion symptoms is the use of prescription medicines. It goes without saying that this isn’t true. Aside from the fact that they’re only a short-term solution, antacids are laden with potentially dangerous chemicals like salt and aluminium. Proton pump inhibitors, such as Nexium and Prilosec, should only be administered for a maximum of eight weeks. In spite of that, after eight weeks we’re still at a loss. There are numerous severe side effects to these medications, as well as the fact that they just mask and cover the symptoms. They don’t help the condition get any better at all! At our expense, the drug companies are making a fortune.

Acute gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) used to plague me. I have to admit that I, too, ate while on the go. My meal wasn’t thoroughly chewed. The purple pill became my go-to PPI medicine while I drank Pepsi to wash it all down. Everything went smoothly and quickly. I wouldn’t have to pay the price for mistreating my body. It seemed like a godsend at first, but it quickly turned into a nightmare.

Following years of taking this medication, my illness worsened and I was advised to increase the dosage. Eventually, I started to feel sluggish and exhausted. As a result, I was unable to see and my blood pressure rose. It dawned on me that these side effects were most likely caused by this PPI medicine. Is it possible that I was undernourished? Without stomach acid, how can food be digested and assimilated by the body?

Many possible adverse effects were discovered after conducting a search on the Internet. What I discovered astounded me! I was putting my health at risk by using this medicine, and I wanted to stop! That’s because the acid pumps had been turned off and started pumping out more acid when I tried to quit taking the PPI.

I can’t even begin to describe the agony I felt. My oesophagus was burning all the time, and I was afraid I would permanently damage it. At night, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t bring myself to consume anything but water because I was so terrified. My buddies didn’t get what I was going through. Whenever they got on the phone, they would say, “Let’s go out for Southwestern BBQ.” I, of course, couldn’t do it. As someone who used to like eating hot chilli garnished with raw onions and jack cheese, the thought of it now makes me sick. Unbearable things were happening to me!

I was adamant that I was going to fight this disease. No one, not even my doctor, could offer any guidance. I needed to take care of myself. In order to locate the answers, I became a full-time investigator. I investigated and studied. As an alternative to pharmaceuticals, I sought out naturopathic remedies. I scoured the internet for any and all possible natural cures for acid reflux. I tried every feasible treatment and healthy diet I could come up with to alleviate my symptoms. My own personal guinea pig, if you will.

As it turns out, the solution to my acid reflux was fairly straightforward. With a few lifestyle adjustments and the aid of natural treatments, one can completely avoid acid reflux syndrome without the usage of medication.

It is important to remember that the oesophagus is the primary cause of this illness. Don’t eat the same items in the same way that aggravated your oesophagus. Losing weight, working out, eating properly, drinking plenty of water, and sleeping with one’s head elevated are all basic strategies anyone may do to combat this problem.

It’s also possible to find a variety of natural remedies for acid reflux recovery at any health food store. Healing effects of herbs like slippery elm and marshmallow are well-known. Licorice, honey, and aloe vera juice all have esophageal-soothing properties.

As a result, I had to take charge and take responsibility for my own actions.. In the end, I was able to get things back on track. I was able to cure myself of acid reflux. Anyone can get the same results with a little education and discipline.

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