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At what point does a curve become excessive?

Are you unsure of how much of a bend your penis can take since you have one? Continue reading to find out whether there is an issue that needs fixing or At what point does a curve become excessive? There is no such thing as a “normal” penis. Being “healthy” is the only thing you should care about. The same is true for a squiggly penis. You may ask if it’s “normal” or “healthy” if your erect penis has a curvature, such as if it’s twisted to the left or right like a banana, instead of pointing straight.

Can You Have a Penis That’s Not Curved?

Unique to each man, many have a slightly curved penis by nature. If you’ve always had a slightly curved penis, and it hasn’t caused you any pain, chances are that’s just the way your body is built. so a man should know that At what point does a curve become excessive?

In only extreme cases, such as when the curvature produces painful erections, does it become an issue.

When is there an excessive amount of a curve?

At what point does a curve become excessive? the normal range for a curved penis is 5-30 degrees, and this poses no health risks. To put it simply, you shouldn’t worry about the shape of your penis as long as it doesn’t hurt. To achieve a more symmetrical look, a surgeon may be able to incise your penis At what point does a curve become excessive?

  • If the arc is more than around 50 or 60 degrees, however, it becomes hazardous. In medical terms, this is known as Peyronie’s disease.
  • Even though this issue may be medically remedied, men should be aware that it might lead to erectile dysfunction and sexual discomfort.

Concerned about your s-curve? Discuss your options for treating erectile dysfunction with your doctor.

Methods for Measuring a Penis Using a Curve


If your penis is curved and you want to know At what point does a curve become excessive? you’ll need to get an erection first. A goniometer will allow you to take these measurements in the convenience of your own home. You may also snap photos of your erected penis and show them to a medical specialist so they can assess your penile curvature.

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On your own now

By communicating with your partner about what they need and what feels good, you may find the perfect position for a sloping penis. Remember that sex might be difficult for one or both partners if the penis has excessive curvature. both the partners must have to know At what point does a curve become excessive? When the angle between the penis and the urethra is more than 30 degrees, it can be harmful and requires medical treatment.

See a doctor immediately if the discomfort persists or if the curvature of your penis worsens.

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