Who is Bollywood’s most uninteresting female actress?

Yes, without a doubt, Deepika Padukone. She is an amazing performer who has given many memorable roles. As a dedicated follower of Indian cinema, I regularly tune in to interviews with Bollywood stars. I’m always let down when I try to play and watch a Deepika Padukone interview.

She drags out her responses because she hesitates too much. Deepika can pause for up to 40 seconds in the midst of her answer. Why does she never seem to be able to find the right words to describe how she feels? Moreover, she always added those lengthy explanations that were not essential.

She said in an interview last month, “Ranveer sleeps over 20 hours a day because to lockdown…” This is what happens when you overthink and need these many pauses, but no one has the patience to sit with you for more than five minutes. Just hearing your muddled thoughts makes me drowsy. Sometimes she’ll provide a lengthy explanation that winds up being completely incoherent.

Whether she’s promoting Chaapaak or Padmaavat, appearing at a film festival, promoting a brand, or just talking to cinema magazines and journalists, the subject of her depression and mental health often comes up.

She may as well have coined the term “depression” because it’s becoming a cultural phenomenon thanks to her. Many other famous people in our country, including actors and athletes, have gone through similar experiences and talked about them on occasion without ever exaggerating them for publicity. Deepika, You have incredible courage to have endured so much and come out on the other side. This happened over six or seven years ago; there’s no use in bringing it up at every public event or film promotion.

It’s OK that she dumped Nihar Pandya, Siddharth Malya, Ibrahim Muzamil, and many others. However, when Ranbir Kapoor dumped her, she became upset because this particular breakup was her partner’s choice. Where do Nihar Pandya and Upen Patel fit in then?

She has unrealistic views of life in addition to her innumerable pauses and sympathy card-gaining subject matter.

She had already warned Sanjay Leela Banshali that she would have to drop out of Padmaavat if the role went to Vicky Kausal, a dark-skinned, average-looking, but immensely gifted actor. Sanjay Leela Banshali is in deep difficulties trying to locate a new “Padmini” after Kangana turned them down. This is why he decided not to take a chance and cast Vicky Kausal out of his film.

And today she is participating in a demonstration against racism in the United States. Her view is that people with darker skin tones are just as attractive as those with lighter complexion.

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